Why Companies Should Drug Test Employees

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When it comes to your employees, you need a top-performing team to ensure an overall efficient workforce. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reported that there is a $740 billion loss related to crime, lost work productivity, and healthcare. By administering drug tests to your employees, everyone will benefit from a safer and healthier work environment.


Here are 3 main reasons why companies should implement drug testing:


1. It increases productivity:

Drug users impact quality and productivity in the workforce. According to Psychemedics, substance abusers are 1/3 less productive. The Small Business Administration also reported that drug users cost their employers $7,000 annually. Unfortunately, alcohol and drug abuse can alter a person’s judgment and reaction time. As a result, it could lead to less efficient work. If your employees are aware that there will be drug testing in the workplace, they will avoid using substances both at home and at work. This will lead to employees carrying out their job safely and properly.


2. Decreases number of injuries

Employees should be drug tested to prevent work-related injuries. By reinforcing a drug-free environment, employers can avoid high accident rates in the workplace. Not only is drug testing is administered to protect the employee, but it can also reduce the high medical costs to employers. As an outcome, workplace testing programs act as a deterrent to drug use.


3. Protects you against workers’ compensation claims

Unfortunately, 38% to 50% of all workers’ compensation claims are related to drug use in the workplace. In an event that an employee tests positive on a post-accident drug test, they may not be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.  As an employer, it is important to take all the necessary steps in creating a safe workplace environment. By lowering the amount of drug-related injuries on the job, the company will significantly reduce their overall costs as well.

In conclusion, the actual cost of a drug test itself is minimal compared to the number of money employers can be saved by implementing a drug testing program in their company. Altogether, substance abuse in the workplace will not lead to a successful business. The process gives employers a high sense of security when it comes to these situations.


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