Open 7 days a week, we provide basic medical care including general illness, minor injuries, infections, and overall wellness. If your condition isn’t serious enough to call 911, going to a walk in clinic allows you to be seen by a doctor right away and at a fraction of the cost of going to the ER.



24/7 occupational clinic specializing in occupational medicine, worker compensation cases, and work injuries. Services include work injury treatment, physicals, drug screens, blood testing, and access to a mobile clinic.



hand injury


We stand up above the rest because of our ability to prevent amputations. Your injured employee will start receiving care immediately and our experienced orthopedic surgeons can operate in-house 24/7.



knee brace injury orthopedic joint jogger sprain accident aidORTHOPEDIC URGENT CARE

See an orthopedic specialist directly without having to wait for a referral and without having to overpay at the ER to be treated. Our orthopedic doctors specialize in the treatment and recovery of orthopedic injuries.



truck highway transport road vehicleDOT PHYSICAL EXAM

A comprehensive DOT program that benefits both the employer and employee. Our DOT physical exam guidelines include blood pressure, urinalysis, vision, hearing, and medical history.




Pre-employment screens, random drug testing, post-accident drug testing, and probable cause testing. Drug testing protects employers against behaviors that cause poor performance and an unsafe workplace.



construction worksite crane constructionBACK-TO-WORK MODIFIED DUTY PROGRAM

Our physicians have a thorough understanding of workers’ compensation for over 40 years. With their expertise, they will create a back-to-work modified duty program to help employees fully recover.



mri scan health healthcare doctor hospital test treatmentMRI SCANS

We offer several options for your MRI procedure including open MRI scans (high-field and high-field performance), MRI short bore scans (high-field), MRI open bore scans (high-field), MRI scans (high-field), MRCP scans, and MRI spectroscopy.