Superfood Series – Avocado


Avocado is termed as one of the healthiest foods in the world because of its nutritional uniqueness.  Most  fruits primarily consist of carbohydrates, but avocado offers a high content of healthy fats.  Avocado, in most cases, is added to various dishes due to its flavor and rich texture.


Avocados are full of nutrients. They contain abundant nutrients including 20 different vitamins and minerals.  For example, a single 3.5 ounce(100 g) contains the following  nutrients, Vitamin K 26% of daily value, Folate 20% of the DV, vitamin C 17% of the DV, Potassium: 14% of the DV, Vitamin B5: 14% of the DV, Vitamin B6: 13% of the DV and Vitamin E: 10% of the DV.

Nutritionists recommend their clients avocado because the fruit does not contain cholesterol, sodium, or saturated fats.

2. It has more potassium than bananas

Many people lack enough potassium intake, a nutrient vital in maintaining electrical gradients in body cells. For example, 100g of Avocado contains 14% of potassium recommended daily allowance compared to a banana which has 10%. Health experts confirm that potassium reduces blood pressure thus minimizing high blood pressure occurrence, strokes and kidney failure.

3. Avocado is loaded with heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids

77% of calories from Avocado come from fat, which makes it one of the fattiest fruits. The fruit contains monounsaturated acid by the name oleic acid which is responsible for reducing inflammation. The reduction of inflammation has beneficial effects on genes blamable to tumor development.  The fats are resistant to heat-induced oxidation which makes the fruit safe for cooking.

4. Aids in Digestion

The fruit soothes the intestine and therefore facilitates digestion. Avocado contains both soluble and insoluble fibers which are responsible for keeping smooth digestion in the human body.  The soluble fiber feeds the gut bacteria thus maintaining optimal body function.  For example, a 100g piece of avocado packs 7g of fiber which translates to 27% of RDA (recommended daily allowance). Food experts confirm that avocado contains 25% of soluble fiber and 75% of insoluble fiber. Fiber is a crucial component in facilitating body weight loss and metabolic health.  In addition, the fiber stimulates gastric and digestive juices to ease efficient nutrient absorption.

5. Dental Health

Avocados are known for preventing bad breath which is predominantly caused by indigestion or upset stomach. Once digested, health  is improved and bad breath can  be completely eliminated. The antibacterial and antioxidant flavonoids found in the fruit completely destroy bad breath bacteria.

6. Skin and hair care

The fruit contains nutrients which help in maintaining healthy skin and hair.  The fruit has organic compounds Beta-carotene and lycopene which helps in improving skin tone and eliminating premature aging. The fruit components are added to cosmetic products because it has vitamins which nourish skin and make it glow. In addition, the vitamins nourish and repairs damaged hair. Lastly, avocado helps in treating plaque psoriasis, a condition in which skin cells build up and form scales and itchy, dry patches in the skin.

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