Back-To-Work Modified Duty Program for work injury

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Modified duty, also known as light duty, is a temporary work assignment for an employee who is recovering from a work injury or illness. If the employee returns to work to do the same work he or she was doing before the work injury or illness, they may not recover as fast or as well. Therefore, under the physician’s recommendation, the employee may go back to work but will perform a modified and lighter version of their work. The physician will advise the company of the limitations of the modified work and the company is responsible for finding work that meets the injured employee’s limitations. If the company cannot offer work with said limitations, the company may rest the employee until the employee is fully fit. Our goal is always to get the employee fit and ready to work as soon as possible.

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Benefits to EMPLOYER:       

  • Provides a speedy return to full work duties
  • Reduces lost time expense
  • Maintains a balanced work environment

Benefits to EMPLOYEE:

  • Promotes injury prevention and safer work practices
  • Minimizes salary reduction
  • Ensures rapid return to regular activities


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What does a BACK-TO-WORK modified duty program accomplish?

  • Educates workers on injury prevention and safety in the workplace
  • Motivates workers to return to full duty
  • Minimizes disruption in workplace productivity

Why is a BACK-TO-work modified duty program so popular with California’s employers?

Implementing a modified duty/light duty program at your company benefits both, employer and employee. It is much more expensive to have an injured employee off work completely than it is to have an employee on light or modified work. It is good to have modified work available to offer whenever an employee might need it.

Refer to the Department of Industrial Relations for their return to work policies.



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