How to Deal with a Work Injury

What do you do in case of a work injury? Work injuries can be stressful and costly for both the injured worker and the employer. However, Workers Compensation Insurance provides all the proper care and wage replacement for your employee.

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Read on to learn about the appropriate steps to take after a work injury.


gray stethoscope medical health healthcare doctor1. Get Medical Assistance

Complete an Authorization Form from A&C Urgent Care and send your employee in for a treatment. If it’s an emergency, call 911.




writing pen report paper paperwork2. File a Report

Gather all information to keep evidence including gathering all details and collecting witness testimony. Fill an incident report to your workers’ compensation insurance carrier within 24 hours of the incident (unless you choose to be billed directly for the medical bills). Some work injuries require you to notify OSHA as well. Refer to their website for more information.


paper pen paperwork writing writer report3. Stay on Top of Claim

We will coordinate with your insurance to get the proper authorization for treatment. Your employee may have to come back for follow-ups or physical therapy.




working sunlight worker reading office4. Modified Work for Injured Employee

Offering modified duty at your work lets us send your employee back to work with modifications. This helps you avoid paying for disability. Modified duty can be an adjusted version of their usual work or it can be something completely different, such as just answering phones.




holding hands comfort5. Prevent Future Work Injuries

Take initiative in making safety a priority. Here are some tips on How to Prevent Workplace Injuries.



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For more information on occupational medicine, read “Why is Workers Compensation Insurance Important?” To get you started, partner with A&C Urgent Care to create a safe workplace. A&C Urgent Care occupational clinic offers customized care to match all the needs of your company. Take a look at our work injury services and create an account with us here.


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