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You depend on your employees to perform. We’re here to help you protect against behaviors that can cause poor performance and an unsafe workplace. Drug testing is a great way to minimize work injuries and increase productivity.  We offer the best drug testing program in Anaheim with affordable prices, same day results, DOT drug test, pre-employment, post injury and post accident testing.

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Drug Testing Clinic

We bring the very latest technology to our drug testing services, which means faster turnaround times and exceptionally accurate results. We provide drug and alcohol tests in accordance with all DOT standards, including record documentation and storage, sample analysis by a NIDA-certified laboratory, and review of results by a Medical Review Officer. Since our Medical Review Officers (MRO’s) are on-site, not subcontracted, our clinic reviews and interprets results.

We report drug screen and breath alcohol test results electronically within 24 hours via secure e-mail, fax, or web. Results for NIDA/DOT drug screen will be reported in 48 hours.  For non-DOT personnel, once the test is completed, the “instant” drug screens will show the results.

Our wait times for drug test is short which means your employees will be in and out within the hour. We are trusted by the biggest companies in Anaheim to perform drug tests on their employees. Our entire staff has urine collector certification and breath alcohol test certification.

Urine drug test

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  • Pre-employment drug screening
  • Random test
  • Post-accident
  • Post injury
  • Probable cause



5 panel, 10 panel and 12 panel drug screens

Pre-employment Drug Test Service

Pre-employment drug screening is a big part of most companies’ occupational medicine programs. The goal of pre-employment drug screening is for the company to protect themselves from the risks of hiring substance abusers.  Drug users are more susceptible to injuries and accidents at the work place.  This type of drug test is used as a condition for employment

Not all companies are required to drug test employees before hiring them. Only employees who operate in safety sensitive positions are required by law to be tested. These positions include bus drivers, taxi drivers, truck drivers, airplane pilots and railroad operators.  Many lives can be at risk if employees in these positions weren’t regulated properly. If your company also requires employee’s to have 100% focus and attention at all times then we definitely suggest implementing a substance screening program at your company. Research has shown that when a company keeps a drug free workplace – there are less injuries and there is higher productivity. To request your free instant quote, click here and let us know!


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Information For Employees

Here is what you can expect during your drug screen:

The procedure requires 45-60 minutes. Please note that we are open Monday – Sunday 8 am – 8 pm for drug testing.

When you arrive, please inform the receptionist that you are here for a company drug screen. You will need to provide the name of your company and to complete an information form and a drug screen release form.

You will not need to see a physician during your procedure (as a consequence, there may be patients called before you, who are there to see a physician).

Drug Test Process

First, the laboratory technician will escort you into an examining room. At that time, you will be asked to show the technician a photo ID, such as your driver’s license. You will then be given a plastic cup by the technician, shown to the bathroom, and asked to fill the cup with urine. You will be asked to wash your hands prior to giving the urine sample. There will be no running water available to you in the bathroom during the collection process.  The technician will turn the water on again after you have produced a specimen and will let you know when it’s permissible to wash your hands.

While you are in the bathroom, the technician will start the chain of custody form. After you have produced the urine specimen in the cup, you will notify the technician waiting outside. You will then be escorted from the bathroom back to the examining room to finish the process.

The technician will transfer the specimen from the acquisition cup into another cup for transport.

Finally, you will be asked to review the chain of custody form and to sign the form to verify that all the information is correct. You will observe the sealing of the specimen in a bag for transport. You may leave our office without stopping again at the reception desk.



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