DOT Physical Exam

One of our qualified medical practitioners will conduct a DOT physical exam to determine whether your employee is qualified to drive a commercial vehicle. If your employee meets certain guidelines put for by the Department of Transportation, they will pass the DOT test. We use these guidelines to make sure drivers are healthy enough to drive commercial vehicles.

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DOT Physical Exam Guidelines

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  • Blood Pressure – The employee must have a maximum of 139/89. Prescribed medication to control blood pressure is allowed
  • Urinalysis – Used to test underlying medical conditions
  • Vision – Each eye, as well as both eyes combined, must have 20/40 vision, with or without vision corrections
  • Hearing – Must be able to hear a forced whisper at a minimum distance of 5 feet
  • Medical History – Doctor also looks at the patient’s medical history to determine if he or she is qualified to drive a commercial vehicle




What to bring to your exam:

The patient should bring with them anything that pertains to the examination. For example, their hearing aid and glasses, list of current medications, documents pertaining to a current health condition for which they are being treated or monitored. Bringing all these items allows the medical examiner to make an accurate evaluation of the patient’s health.


We’re here to help!

We offer you a complete and comprehensive DOT program that benefits both the employer and employee. We maintain strict guidelines to make sure you hire the correct candidate while also working with patients that may need monitoring. All our medical examiners are on the FMCSA national registry, qualifying them to provide your employees and your company with the best medical evaluation for DOT testing.

Contact us now to set up your company’s DOT testing program. We also offer DOT drug screens, breath alcohol testing, and drug consortium services.


If you have further questions about who needs a DOT exam, visit the Department of Transportation policy manual: What Employees Need to Know about DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing



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