Our History

A&C Urgent Care has established since 1971. Our Medical Center in Anaheim began as an “urgent medical care” clinic over 40 years.. For your convenience, recently we have expanded to another location in Cerritos. The first office is in Anaheim located near Disneyland, and our second office is in Cerritos, California.

Cerritos Office

Recently, we have expanded another Urgent Care office in Cerritos. We have total of two urgent care offices, one is in Cerritos, Los Angeles and another is in Orange County near Disneyland. For your convenience, we will open more urgent care throughout Southern California in a near future.

Meet our Team

We have our team staffs and doctors working in both of our locations.

Our team doctors

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Our Team Doctors


Specailties:  Urgent Care Medicine (UCM), Sport medicine, General Family Medical Care, Family orthopedic, and surgeons.

Our nursing sfaffs

More detail about our physicians

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